There’s only one Pro-Life candidate running

15 min readAug 27, 2020

And it’s your Christian duty to vote for him.

I have endured a lot of medical pain in my life. A ruptured appendix, gallstones, childbirth, a broken ankle to name a few.

But nothing comes close to the pain I experienced when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my miracle baby.

You see, my son Dylan was conceived just 11 months after my second born, who was conceived just 13 months after my first born.

Me, a 32-year-old white, married, college educated (though I never graduated) woman found herself pregnant unexpectedly.

“Don’t you know how this all works by now?” My grandmother said to me, trying to be funny.

Of course I knew. I had an IUD.

While I was shocked and afraid at the news, having the baby was the *only* option. I believe life, at some form, begins at conception. But at the point of conception, is that life equal or greater than mine? I was soon going to find out what I thought about abortion on deeper level.

As a child, I was taught that God “knit me together in my mother’s womb” and that being pro-life was one of the most important attributes of God. After all, he gave us life. He gave his life for us. You were pro-life or you were pro-abortion, and if you were pro-abortion, you were a baby killer. Plain and simple. There were no gray areas.

Until I grew up. I had to learn by observation and experience to widen my perspective and learn that this whole pro-life stance, the one that locks people into voting republican, despite how much the current administration is run on values antithetical to Jesus, is not pro-life at all.

If you are here as a pro-life voter, I am so glad. You are who I want to talk to. Not at. Not from some “liberal elite” high horse, and certainly not as a baby killer.

I chose my baby over myself. Again and again. I chose life. But I learned a dangerous lesson about how so-called pro-life laws are actually women killing laws. And I know if you are pro-life, you don’t want to be a woman killer.

What I want you to understand is being pro-life means voting for the president who will not only decrease abortions, but will help improve life for the living, as life is more than breath, more than heartbeats. Life is experiences, love, sweat, tears, triumph, memories. Life should not be reduced to whether or not we merely…




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